Remotely Monitor your Spouse through TheOneSpy app

The ups and downs are the part of any relationship; it does not mean that your partner or spouse is cheating with you. But sometimes things get worse and the relationship comes to the point where the chances of break up went at their peak. Therefore, husband or wife doesn’t let their relationship at the stage where come back seems to be impossible. In relationship, every couple need to develop trust in order to avoid any kind of misconception, so if in case spouse seems different then partner need to see some following things.

  1. Is your spouse got scared when does not see his cell phone?
  2. Is your spouse making efforts to change the passwords on regularly?

  3. Is spouse feel insecure when listen calls in your presence?

  4. Is your spouse starts hiding his/her mobile screen while using it?

All of the upper mention keys are pointing out the infidelity, so there is necessary to take some steps in order to know the reality and may you can get the actual reason or May you caught your spouse red handed. There are plenty of monitoring tools are available in the tech market which can help you out to monitor your spouse activities on their smartphone. TheOneSpy is one of the most popular, effective and powerful spouse monitoring apps which would be very helpful to monitor your spouse remotely.

Install TheOneSpy Monitoring App: The user needs to install the TheOneSpy Spouse Monitoring app initially. Therefore user needs to get the physical access in order to install the monitoring application on a targeted device. When the installation process seems completed then wait for a while for the activation of the app. Once it is activated then you can get information on your control panel remotely. Go to the monitoring app features and start tracking every single move of your spouse on their smartphone device remotely.

Spy on calls:

Spy on call feature allows you to record all live calls and view call history of your spouse smart phone remotely with the complete time schedule. Then you will enable to know that whom he/she is talking and doing calls on your target device.

Spy On Messages:

Do spy on messages will enable you to get information about all the text messages sending or received, MMS send, iMessaging monitoring, BBM chat messages and all the information of every activity of your spouse by tracking ticker notification of your target device remotely.

Track GPS Location:

This is the complete package of monitoring the location of your spouse, track GPS location, spy location history, view current location, location history of a whole week and it also enables you to make safe and restricted areas remotely on your spouse device by using the Track GPS location feature of the Spy app.

View Multimedia Files:

A partner can remotely spy on photos, view videos, listen to voice recordings and enable to capture screen shots of every single activity performed by their spouse on their device.

Bug their Phone:

You can do bugging on your spouse phone and track back and front camera and make short videos along with tracking MIC listen to surrounding sounds.

Monitor IM’s social Media:

If you think that your spouse always remains busy and talks to his/her friends with whom you are not familiar with, by using social sites and instant messengers. Monitor top 17 instant messengers and websites by using IM’s social media of spouse monitoring application.


Track all the keystrokes applied b your spouse on its mobile phone in the shape of email keystrokes, password keystrokes, messenger and SMS keystrokes.

Read Emails:

Even user can monitor their spouse Gmail and all emails sent or received on his/her smartphone device.

Monitor Internet Activities:

You can monitor browsing history logs, all bookmarked and even the appointment which your spouse has set on their device.

Remotely Phone Controller:

You can even control smartphone device of your spouse remotely such as monitor device, remotely control SMS command, you can uninstall the already installed application, block and UN block the existing application, you can even set your monitoring preferences, block the internet connection while driving, block texting while driving and you can also block incoming calls from strangers on your target device remotely.

Instant alerts:

Get instant alerts in case of your spouse change the sim-card of your target device.


TheOneSpy is the most effective and well- designed application for monitoring of your spouse, it provides all the main features in order to monitor anyone through their smartphone device. TOS has powerful and secure features with reasonable price. It is equipped with the quality as well as with the quantity.

Author Bio Angelica is a social media expert, digital parenting and developer at mobile spy app for android team. He is love write to technology and relationship issues and their solutions. To know more about him follow twitter @angelicadowson2


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