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Can’t Sign-in into Email Account using Yahoo Live text App!!

Yahoo has launched new method to communicate with users in a feasible way. It has now arrived with Yahoo live text app in which users can send the text to their friends, view each other live but can’t say any words but only send a text. This app doesn’t support voice and doesn’t have any sound. It’s a new way to connect with friends, families, and colleagues. Yahoo has probably become one of the most widely used web portals around the globe. It allows us to send free messages, share images, videos and much more. Users can easily access Yahoo mail; they just need a Yahoo account and password to log in. But for that, you need to have authentic Yahoo login id.

By introducing this amazing app for Smartphone yahoo has made its first move into messenger portal. Now, everyone uses Smartphone as it’s become the essential part of their lives. Yahoo live text application is one of the amazing apps. While using this app many of the users face common Sign in issues. Here we are providing you some troubleshoot steps to fix these kinds of issues.


Some troubleshoot steps to fix these errors:

  • Updated your application- Make sure that you are using updated version of this application, if not then update your app to its latest version from Google Play store on your android device or from Apple store for iOS users, by updating your app may it will fix your login issue.
  • Maybe your Login credentials are not correct- You may face this issue if you are not entering correct login information of your Yahoo account. So, check it and enter the correct information.
  • Check your internet connection- Ensure that your internet connection is working properly. You may face an error if you are not connected to the internet. So check your connection.
  • App functionality problem- If your app is facing issue then you needs to attempt the force stop and start the app again. It will automatically refresh the memory of the app.
  • Uninstall or install the app again- If you are still facing error then, you must need to uninstall or install the app. It may fix your problem.
  • Maybe the feature is not available on your mobile phone. Your phone does not support this application. You need to check it whether your phone support this app or not. This may be the reason of this error.

These are some troubleshoot solutions mentioned above will help you to fix the Yahoo live text issue. You must need to take care of this. For more information, you can contact Yahoo help desk team for your support as Yahoo expertise are available 24*7 for your service.


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