Alert Android App Developers! Avoid these 3 “Social Media Mistakes” Immediately

Android dominates the global OS market for mobiles with more than 80% market share. A fast-growing number of Android users have given an opportunity to companies to tap into this vast audience with Android apps. This has led to a big surge in a number of Android applications hitting Google Play Store every day.

Android app Developers are leveraging social networks to be competitive in overly crowded Android app space. But marketing on social channels is not easy. It comes with its own set of pros and cons. Any mistake in social marketing by Android Developers can lead to disappointing results.

To get your Android app in the hands of millions, ensure you do social media right by avoiding the following social media mistakes:

#1) Hard-Selling on Social Channels

One of the most critical mistakes made by Android app Developers is to be overly promotional!

Social media feed that is full of promotional posts about your Android app will annoy your fans and followers. On your social page, if you are only uploading posts that ask followers to download the app, then it may irritate your fans and lead them to unfollow your social page.

So, instead of hard-selling, App Developers must take the road of smart-selling!

Give potential users a reason to download your app by leveraging various social tactics like posting informative or entertaining content on social channels as per your Android app’s image, engaging with followers by responding to their comments/tweets, asking questions about the app on social channels or offering freebies to followers who turn into app advocates.

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Take note of how social Developers of Clash of Clans, an Android app game lay huge emphasis on creating a relationship with their followers by providing them with entertaining content.


Posting or tweeting about a new feature or update in this manner will build anticipation among target audience and will bring more people to follow your social channels and download your Android app.

#2) Ignoring Negative Comments/Tweets

In today’s hyper-connected social world, online reputation defines your Android app’s success or failure!

If the online reputation of your Android app on social channels, Google Play Store or other review platforms is bad, no one would prefer to download or install your app.

The first step to having good reputation in social space is to build a good app. Fewer bugs, less online complaints. But then even for the best of the programmers in the world, it is nearly impossible to build a completely bug-free app. So, the responsibility of handling online complaints falls in Android app Developers lap.

Android app Developers must respond to negative comments and tweets on social pages immediately and graciously. This action will not only create a positive impact on the person who is complaining but will build a positive image of the app.

Take a leaf out of ‘Words with Friends’ book on how to address complaints or queries related to your Android app on social channels:


On the other hand, if app Developers do not respond to negative comments or if reply in a negative tone, it can do irreparable damage to your Android app’s online reputation.

#3) Not Measuring KPIs and ROIs

In this highly competitive market, an app entrepreneur cannot afford not to measure KPI and ROI of its Android app. In fact, it is one of the best ways to avoid any social media mistakes! Monitoring and measuring KPIs and ROIs will let you know the success of your Android app and the areas that need improvement.

There are many mobile app analytics tools like Flurry, Appsee or Apptentive available in the market that helps Android Developers analyze and measure KPIs and ROI.  These tools help app entrepreneurs know how successful they have been in achieving the goals and objectives set for their Android app.

Apart from these, Developers must also use social monitoring tools like Radian6 or Beevolve to analyze key metrics like sentiment trends and buzz that is going around in social world about the Android app. Reports generated by these tools will help you make informative decisions about the changes required in the app. Social listening via these tools can help take control of a situation before it spirals out of control.

Wrap Up

Avoid the above mentioned social media pitfalls to turn your social followers into app users, casual app users into repeat users and loyal app audience into app advocates!


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Kim Smith is a Content Consultant at GoodFirms, a full-fledged research firm in USA. She’s been journeying through the world of content marketing for more than 4 years. Her experience spans in areas like mobile apps, start-ups and social media with a focus on strategy, content and branding.  Offline you will likely find her enjoying great outdoors. You can find her online on Twitter: @contactkim11



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