11 Things That Are Injurious For Your Investor Pitch Deck

A smart and great pitch can lead you to the way for the commencement of a new business. Raising money for your startup from the investors is not only difficult but also requires your best efforts, thoughts, and words. Just like a fantastic pitch helps you win your first contact, a terrible pitch can lead you to the bottom of the layer. Hence, making am Investor Pitch Deck is a serious issue, and

we, INKPPT, has helped hundreds of startups to get their first success. You may have your idea and plan ready, but just a caution from us: Don’t use these 11 things in your Investor Pitch Desk!

1. Rain of information:

Informing investors about your product or idea is feasible. But bombarding them with all sorts of extraneous and repetitive information is just not acceptable. You’re not advertising yourself, so don’t repeat your fabulous idea every two minutes. You know that how boring it becomes when you listen to same and long words again and again (so don’t turn into a lecture mode!).


2. Numbers, Numbers, Numbers:

“Our idea is worth 1,20,000,00000 USD”. Does this large number make you excited or numb? (Some of us might even start counting and think it’s millions or billions!) Long numbers do no good to your Investor Pitch. And even if your idea or product is worthy, such large numbers make it appear fake. So, forget about using all your financial data and big numbers in the slides. As far as financial data is concerned, keep it short.


3. Pile of slides:

Are you making a 2-hour speech or 20 min pitch? There’s the difference! Your potential investors have very limited time, so use it wisely. Don’t let this 20-minute presentation turn into one-hour boring seminar! And yes, you may see heads dropping to take a nap if you don’t limit your slides between 10-15.



4. Never ending story:

Investors would love to hear your story, on how you struck with this ingenious idea, but this is not the time. Using every piece of detail in the slides, from start to end, not only looks alarmingly boring but also drops you at the end of the waiting queue again. Using your details to draw a bigger picture may appear perfect, but this is not the correct method.


5. Elongated Text:

No, we’re not talking about the fonts. But about the long sentences and statements. Paragraphs are acceptable for essays and speeches, not for Investor Pitch Deck. In the world where we use short forms for everything, long statements look like weird! So remember that essay and paragraph can detriment your pitch. Make bullets and short words your next best tool for pitch.


6. Pro-Marketing:

You are marketing your product or idea to investors, but this does not mean you get too excited to sell it. You’re in the urgency to sell your product or idea, not the investor! Moreover, turning yourself into a pro-marketing expert, can only shout that may be your product is not unique, you just want to sell it (it’s not a priceless asset for the company). And this is not exactly what you want to portray!


7. The Mediocre Look:

If you are taking effort in choosing the wise words for your pitch, then why ditch the look? A perfect look with the right words can create a big impact on the investors. Only words are not enough to show that you’re not ordinary. Invest some time in creating or getting a new look for your Investor Pitch, to let your investors know that you’re responsible for everything in this.


8. Opposites:

Having two different statements about the same information is possible. But having contradicting results on the same information is redoubtable! This means either you’re careless to check up on your own information or your results are simply fluff! Do you want to create such an image? Then check your deck thoroughly to remove such contradicting information.


9. Lack of Idea:

You mention everything about yourself to your new boss but forgot to tell your name. Does this sound stupid? Likewise, it’s very important to state the core of your idea or product clearly and loud. If you forget this important piece, your deck is no better than another quirky idea.


10. Images without thoughts:

Can you understand any comic without the dialogues? So how do you expect to use images without any plan? Images are not only important accessory but also too important to be handled with care. If you don’t use right image for a right explanation, the whole piece turns into useless junk, just like placing the image of Chicken on the “Vegan” dish (unless you deliberately want to laugh on your pitch).

quixotic plans

11.Quixotic Plans:

“We promise you that our product will double your money within one year.” Does this sound unrealistic to you? So, to your investors. Search and strike out such quixotic statements from your investor pitch, as it only creates an “unfocused” image of you and your team. And if you think you can disguise it into smart words, then don’t forget that investors meet hundreds of such impractical plans daily, so they’ll be quicker to spot such holes.
And if you have a thought that you need more help in creating a perfect Investor Pitch Deck for yourself, then contact INKPPT to help you anytime.



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