9 Smart iPhone Apps That Will Blow Your Mind

Your iPhone is your daily companion that goes with you wherever you go. What makes the iPhone stand out from other phones is the Apple ecosystem that has a range of awesome apps for the users. Sometimes you have to pay for apps but the price is always worth it. Here are 9 apps that will help you enjoy using your iPhone more and do things that you never imagined before.


  • TinyScan– This is one of the smartest apps that I have ever come across. If you want to turn a physical sheet of paper into a PDF then it will be really easy when using TinyScan. All you have to do is snap a photo of the paper using the app and it will be turned to a PDF file that you can send immediately. The app crops, rotates and even fixes color balance for you.

  • Lift– It is often said that we are what we repeatedly do. Lift allows you to change your habits by reminding you to do wanted habits every day and also share your progress with other users who are doing the same. The concept is simple yet very powerful since it can help you form life changing habits that will unlock your full potential.

  • TrailMix Pro– If you are someone who loves walking or running then you will definitely love this app. It is a music player that has a very special feature that will appeal to marching band lovers. According to the latest tech news, the app syncs the tempo of any song you are playing to the speed of your stride. This will help you keep your pace and stay motivated to run faster. It doesn’t promise to make you a faster runner instantly but the journey is definitely going to be fun.

  • Videolicious– If you like producing videos Videolicious will simply blow your mind. It is an app that will help you to create amazing and professional looking videos very easily. The app guides you step by step throughout the whole process and within five minutes you will have an incredible video. How cool is that?

  • Keynote– Most people might be wondering why anyone should have keynote on a mobile device. Well, editing presentations on a tiny screen is definitely not an easy task but the app can enable you to practice and go through your presentations before you go on stage. If you do a lot of public speaking you probably know that confidence is very important and it is only through practice that you can gain confidence. You can use the app as a mini projector screen so that you can run through the presentation. The app syncs on iCloud so that changes made on a computer will be updated on your iPhone.

  • SoundGecko– There are people who don’t like to do much reading out there. For such people, podcasts are the primary method of content consumption. To ensure that these people don’t miss out on all the amazing written content that is always being published, SoundGecko can save any written file and transform it into audio. You can then listen to it while on a run or on a bus ride. The app would definitely be awesome in a wearable gadgets design.

  • Slack– If you have ever worked in a team you probably know how important organized communication is. There are other communication tools that can help team members communicate and organize their projects but Slack has managed to beat all of them. It is a modern and very convenient way to communicate with your team. It is cloud-based and syncs across all your devices in real time. The user interface makes it very simple to organize conversations.

  • EasilyDo– This is the smartest personal assistant app that you can use on your iPhone currently. This app will prove that you need to have a personal assistant to become productive. So many things can be automated and left to the app to care of, something that is mostly done better than a human personal assistant can. It takes over a variety of everyday activities from location based actions to Facebook based actions to handling your contacts .The app can take care of over 40 actions.

  • The Smart Passive Income Application– If you are an SPI reader or listener then this app is designed specifically for you. It will make your experience much easier and awesome for you. The performance and user interface of the app is simply out of this world. It comes with a pod-cast player that has speed control and can play in the background while you continue using the app. There is a search bar to assist the user to find specific content.

The iPhone has proven to beat competition time and again and this is mostly because of the wide range of apps offered to make the user experience wonderful. With these and many other apps, your iPhone can become much better than it already is and perform tasks that you could not even imagine. Unlock the full potential of your iPhone and get a mind-blowing experience.


About the Author
Katleen Brown, a content writer. She loves to publish her articles on various technical related websites. In her spare time, she likes to do research and writing articles to bring awareness on new trends in technology and gadgets. She is working as Communication Practitioner and Technocrat Expert Writer. Advocating all types of technical professionals. Connect with her on Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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