5 Productivity Apps to Help You Score A+ At Your Workplace

Do you often reminisce those school and college years when scoring A+ came easiest to you? And those glorious moments of praise and appreciation, when you happened to finish a difficult assignment in record time?

But then, life happened. Your office life became a simulacrum of sorrow. No milestones. No appreciation coming your way. In fact, you had mastered the art of procrastination.

Now, with push coming to a shove, you wish to get a handle on the situation before it’s too late.

No worries.

Here’s a lowdown of 5 productivity apps that will help you keep track of your time and make the most of your productive hours. Be assured, your personal productivity levels will turn on a dime with these apps.

#1. Forest

Are your productivity levels plummeting? And you the reason why? Partly because you are spending endless hours chatting away with friends on Facebook and mostly because you are hanging out on Twitter – tweeting and re-tweeting things not related to work. Wish to bring an end to it, asap Try Forest App. The modus operandi: The app rewards you with a tree for every 30 minutes of focus. So, the more you slog, in 30 minutes time-frames, that is, more trees you will be able to grow.



Just set the timer and click on Plant. As the time ticks away for the next crucial 30 minutes, the trees will keep growing; provided you are giving the project the attention it deserves. And, if in case, you had to click on the Give Up button somehow, the growing tree gets automatically killed.

So, try working for a good number of hours, in 30 min time-spans, and you’ll have accumulated a forest of trees. It just says how hard you have been working.

Cost: $0.99

Platform:  iOS, Android

#2. Wunderlist

There are 100 things wrestling for your attention every single day, but you are helpless, because you’ve got a single pair of hands to work with, and only single brain to rack off. Wondering how to go about? Heave a sigh of relief with Wunderlist!  A get-stuff done app that helps you create private lists and also receive reminders about upcoming appointments. More importantly, it shares your work list with family, friends and colleagues.  This enables you to easily collaborate with your friends and family on various projects.



What’s more, Wunderlist syncs with other devices so you could access the information from anywhere, anytime.

Cost: Free

Platform: iOS, Android

#3. Rescue Time 

Did you know that Linkedin, Facebook and Google are time-suckers? Did you know that about 89% of respondents, interviewed by, said that they waste time at work every day by operating Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn?



Take control of your productive hours! Bring Rescue Time on board. The app keeps a prudent track of  time you spent on specific applications and websites. By tracking time-suckers that eat away your productive hours, you can control their use and focus more on activities that actually matters.

Cost:  Free (Basic Level)

Platform:  Google Play

#4. GoodReader  

You have an urgent meeting scheduled and your file has got stuck in a no man’s land? No worries!  Try GoodReader! The app lets you open, read and edit files from Microsoft Word document to PDFs. You can even make notes, draw and even highlight portions of text in the app.



Additionally, you can also store the revised files in Google Drive, Dropbox or in a different server.

Cost: $4.99

Platform: iOS

#5. Pocket 

If reading is your first love, then you need to make space for Pocket in your smartphone. The app helps you select and save all sorts of articles, pictures and videos for later viewing.  More importantly, the content can be accessed when you are working offline.


source :

Cost: Free (basic level)

Platform: iOS, Android 


Believe it or not, even Goldfish – 9 seconds – has better attention than humans – 8 seconds.  This only says that human beings are wired in a bizarre way.  At the drop of a hat, we tend to get distracted.

But, there are ways and means to get a grip over it. In other words, leveraging productivity apps help you tap into your productive hours more effectively.



Author Bio: Jini Maxin is a seasoned blogger associated with OpenXcell – a top Mobile App Development Company. She enjoys humanizing technology through inspirational content,  Ryan Holiday’s reading list, and running behind her sons. You can connect her on:- Facebook, Twitter, linkedIn


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