Business Tools Used in iPad to Grow Your Company’s Productivity

There are so many gadgets entering the market today, targeting businesses. However, not all of them are living to their creed. But there is one gadget that is a cut above the rest- the Apple iPad 2. Over the last few years, the use of iPad has grown and popularized under the tag “iPad in business” and “iPad at work”. Additionally, the usefulness of this device has grown, from creating and managing documents to being used in the execution of managerial functions, building sales and human resource management.


Below are some of the tools that can be used in iPad to help improve a company’s production:

Tool to streamline business operations- e.g. inventory management

Every business has numerous operations running concurrently. All these operations complement each other, and must be coordinated since a hitch in one operation would mess up a whole process. Luckily, with an iPad, a business can be able to streamline all operations and enhance efficiency and productivity. For instance, the process of a making a sale can be streamlined from the time an order is received to when a shipment is made. There are two ways here, either as a business, you can create a customized tool that will run on iOS platform or acquire a ready-made app from the app stores.

To generate management reports

One of the most critical roles of management in any business is to make decisions. However, there is no decision that can be made without actual and reliable data. In many businesses, the amount of data is huge, making it almost hard to make an urgent decision, if it should be based on such data. Luckily, according to Apple Gadgets News an iPad, is really helpful to generate real-time business reports, which management can rely on. With an iPad, and having the right business applications for each role, huge data can be summarized with just a click. For example, total daily sales, sales projections, and charts to show performance over time. For example, in P&G they use iFactbook on iPad to present real-time metrics to the company executives.

Networking, e.g. PeopleFinder

In the case of businesses, which operate worldwide, or have many stores in a single country, it is now possible to connect all employees who work in different places. For example, with PeopleFinder application in an iPad, employees in one store or branch can connect with staff from another store effortlessly. This way, staff can share information and network and build meaningful relationships. Additionally, the company can establish a staff directory.

Sales managers’ tools

One of the biggest challenges many businesses have faced over the years, and others are still facing it, is in stock management. This becomes complex in large stores where singling out a single product can be hectic. Luckily, with an iPad and with the right application, sales managers can be able to chart the selling trend of a single product. For example, sales managers can identify a product which all of sudden is in high demand, and respond by increasing the supply. Additionally, in the case of product, which isn’t leaving the shelves, sales managers can identify it and then decrease the supply of the product.

Sales rep tools

Are you still struggling with heavy files and printouts of business information? Maybe all you need is an iPad. With an iPad bulk papers and records will be a thing of the past. With an iPad, sales representatives will within a second get real-time business intelligence and immediately identify the loose sections. This means you will never work on trial and error to find if the problem is in pricing, merchandising or distribution. This is one of the greatest strengths a company can acquire; the ability to detect where problems are and responding timely.

Supplier’s relation’s tools

There is no larger weakness than a company, which isn’t able to relate and connect with suppliers. When a business is in close contact with the suppliers, challenges with deliveries and the missing product will never appear. This is now possible with an iPad. Additionally, when you are the suppliers, you can connect effortlessly with stores owners to make sales.

With just an iPad and the right tools, a business can enhance efficiency and reduce the amount of paperwork. With an iPad, you can create customized tools that will meet your specific requirements, provided the tool is compatible with an iOS platform. According to Apple Gadgets News, the iPad Air 2 is one for the best device for small and large businesses.


Author Biomargaux diaz

 Margaux Diaz is a technology and gadget geek. She is an inspirational writer and has written numerous Articles on new technology, gadgets, mobile phones, and many more stuffs related to upcoming technology. Her main motive is to help and support people around the world and give them information regarding new latest technology. Connect with her on Facebook , Twitter  and  Google+


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