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iPhone Continues as Favorite Device Brand among Teens

Are teens being professional?, Are they increasingly conservative?, Or Have they got to know , as described by Apple “extraordinary” of an iPhone?

Whatever? In Phone context, one of them seems to be the case.

Piper Jaffray, every six months conducts a research called “Talking Stock with Teensamong the excited youngsters. They ask questions about Fashion, Beauty and Personal care, Digital Media. For ex:- What kind of Restaurant you love to go? Indian, Italian, anything…

When it came to Gadgets, it was again good times for Apple as iPhone continues to be the favorite device among juveniles.

75% of teens out of 81% spending on phones, up from 55% last spring , reported that they are likely to buy an iPhone . Approximately as of now 69% of teens owned an iPhone, up from 65% last year.

Availability of $49 iPhone 3GS at launch of iPhone 4s is the motivating factor among teens.

iPhone 7 coming in September 2016 and teen data confirms Apple brand presence remains strong.

iPhone 2016
iPhone Ownership Bar Graph (Pic Credit:

What Piper Jaffray says about Apple Watch interest?

“Apple watch interest remains muted overall, but we believe Apple Watch has majority share among teen smartwatch owners.”

Maybe, iPhone’s easy-to-use, both hardware and software is what making them not be bothered enough to change.

Or Android still has to come up with a greater challenge, attractiveness.

Or Is it just Good times for Apple Inc?

Let us know.



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