How to improve Web Analytics in 8 Days

Web analysis is the reporting and measurement of web data. There are many software programs which provide CRM (customer relationship management) engagement and analytics. Web analytics help to improve the web optimization and help to measure the web data. The first thing to improve web analytics ability is to gather the trust of customers. Web analytics provide the information of your website: what is the rate of new visitors and the bounce rate. It can also give insights into what is the growth level of your site and from where you are getting visitors on your web. A website is successful only when it has good relationships with the customers. Here are some tricks and suggestions to make your web analytics amazing.


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  1. Visit the website, and analyze the content

You must visit the website and analyze the content on the website. Evaluate that if it is useful for the customers and whether it is valuable content which is according to the customer’s demand. Find better content for your customers and work according to the customer’s demand. Also analyze the data of other websites, check its content, and note its strategies. Note down the points which you like and which you do not like. All that points should be noted to analyze the content of a website if it is in customer’s favour or not.

  1. Catch the customers, not traffic

Sometimes people try to generate artificial traffic and use traffic generating software. It is not recommended. You must try to work according to the customers demand, and then you will not have to generate artificial traffic. Provide the related content on the website so that the customers can find all the things at one place. Make sure the acquisition of good strategies on web. Traffic catch is of no use actually. The purpose should be to gain the attention of customers. Find which type of customs would visit. There should be a balanced portfolio of traffic source.

  1. Amend and fix

Make amendments according to the customers need. Fix the problems at the proper time. If there are any development issues, resolve them immediately. Find the best way to resolve problems so that the customers can trust you. If you analyze that there is a high bounce rate at the site, then you must review the things and notice that, there may be two reasons for high bounce rate: visitors without any interest in the product are visiting your web, or web content is not helpful for the visitors. So, fix the things which are responsible for high bounce rate.

  1. Read the reviews

Do not ignore the reviews written by the customers and try to answer them. Give thanks to customers about their reviews. Find the best way to work according to the reviews. The customer’s reviews are the best way to evaluate your work because your purpose is to gain customer’s attention. It is the basic rule for CRM analytics.

  1. Keyword strategy

Use proper keyword strategy. Find what keywords customers use in search engines and then use keywords properly in your website. This will attract the customers and your website will have good CRM engagement. Tag clouds are best to understand the big strategic picture and sophistication. Spend time to analyze that from where people start to search and how they search on Internet. Then modify your web, keywords and tag clouds according to the analysis.

  1. Making money or noise?

Analyze your web to evaluate that if the content is able to make money for you or is it just noise? Meaning that, some type of traffic is just traffic, it will give you nothing except some noise traffic. You must evaluate that if there is any money making strategy on your website or not. You can make money only if there is valuable visitor click and valuable strategy that can make money for you. Far often, our focus is on the analysis of behaviour at website i.e. visits and time on site etc. And we also focus on how to get visitors, but if you want to have a serious audience having interest in your content, then your focus should be on cost reduction first.

  1. What content is better

This is again the same but there is some modification. Your website should have the content which can attract the buyer’s attention. If you really need customers, you have to spend time in improving the content for customers. Your focus should also be on finding the best ways and best strategies which are liked by your customers. The ratio of bouncing and returning should be controlled and it depends on your hard work what you do with your website.

  1. Use of proper Analytic Program

Proper web analytic program will help you to complete all of the above steps for CRM and CRM engagement. Web analytic program provides all the solutions of web analysis and helps to make your web analytics look amazing. Few of the tools which can help you with this are Agile CRM, Marketo and Hubspot.


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