Make small Business sell like Fortune 500’s


Every business likes to grow, and grow fast. They should be having an effective marketing strategy to go along with their product. It is imperative that you move with the times and evolve a marketing strategy to enable you to sell like Fortune 500 companies. There are many aspects to look into. We shall have an insight into some of them.

1. Narrowing your target market:

As a small business, you should concentrate on one segment at a time. It would do you lot of good to narrow down your target market. This would enable you to cater to this section effectively. Hence, you will be able to make a mark in the market. Once you have done this, you can consolidate on it.


Narrow Down (Source:

2. Becoming an expert in your field:

 You should try to gain expertise in your line of activity. This can bring in business referrals as well as credibility. To achieve this you may have to master marketing automation strategies. Becoming an expert could result in lots of traffic coming your way. This can improve the turnover of your company a great deal.

3. Ranking your targets:

You should know how to prioritize your targets. You should know who your major clients are. You should be able to concentrate on those clients who can guarantee you the maximum business. These are effective principles of customer relationship management you should be aware. An effective CRM policy can prove extremely beneficial to your prospects. The existing customer can act as a brand ambassador and bring in more referrals. This could give you an idea of the demographic preference of your customer. You can tweak your product to satisfy his preferences. These are simple strategies. Managing them well can do your business a huge service.

4.  Be different:

People love something off the track. You can chalk out an effective marketing strategy in a different manner to attract a variety of customers. Your marketing strategy should be able to touch the nerve of the customer at the right spot. This is what we mean when we say you should act different. Your strategy should be a unique one and at the same time an effective one too. You should be able to communicate this to your customer base. There are many methods to do it. Email marketing is definitely one of them.

5. Chalk out your marketing automations and messaging programs: 

You have your target in mind. You should now concentrate on formulating the best marketing methods to increase your turnover. You can take advantage of various marketing methods such as online marketing, email marketing and so on. In this way, you can create effective brand awareness. A successful brand is a very important aspect of any marketing campaign.

marketing automation
Marketing Automation (Source:


6. Increase your sales to your existing customers:

You should maintain an extremely great relation with your existing customer. One of the main principles of customer relationship management is to nurture the existing customer. You should be able to sell more to such existing customers to create a brand loyalty. You can offer incentives on your new products and services. You can set up rewards points programs and so on. These are very effective marketing strategies enabling you to sell as a Fortune 500 company does. You should win over your customer in such way that he brings in maximum referrals to you. 

7. Have an effective plan for each stage: 

You should have an effective action plan for each stage in your sales campaign. You should be able to create an awareness of the products rather than interest in the product. Once the customer is aware of the advantages of using your product, he will naturally prefer the same to its competitors even in case of an escalation in the price. You should understand that you should now move on to the next stage of marketing. This is the creation of awareness of a product. On becoming aware of the product, the customer can act as your marketing representative and bring in lot of his acquaintances. This is one-step closer to selling as a Fortune 500 company. 

8. Optimization of the conversion process: 

You have a loyal customer in your fold. He has brought in his referrals. You should now optimize your conversion process in the best manner possible. You should have an effective marketing team at your disposal to close out such deals. You should have access to the top marketing automation software. This can be a great help in improving your sales a lot. 

9. Effective Follow up: 

Your responsibility does not end with the sales of your product. You should have an effective after sales service facility too. You should be able to satisfy the client in all respects. You should be having his contact details to apprise him of your future products too. You should be in constant touch with your customers and make them feel at home. You should try to increase your email-marketing list. You can increase your guided selling in this manner. 

10. Use the social media well: 

The generation of today is very active on the social media. It can do you no harm to master this aspect of advertising. You should be active on the social media. This can have great repercussions on your turnover. A couple of good reviews can propel your sales to a great level.


You should remember that the customer is the king. You are there because of him and not vice versa. Satisfying your customer is one sure way of attaining Fortune 500 status.


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Name: Shreyansh Surana

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