Protect Your Phone – What is the best bet ?

The majority of us have a mobile phone and it can be an expensive business trying to protect it. Phone insurance can be extremely costly but not many people want to risk having to pay the full price to replace a device that gets lost, damaged or stolen. When phones are so expensive, people obviously want to look after this important piece of their lives as much as possible. And when the average person looks at their phone 150 times a day, it really is hard to measure its worth.

Have a look at this article for some ways of protecting your smartphone.

Of course, if your phone is lost or stolen there isn’t much you can do, so insurance is usually your best bet. Some insurance policies can be quite expensive or have an excess where you need to meet a minimum payment before your insurance payment is met. Shopping about for the best deal available is recommended if you do choose to take out an insurance policy on your mobile phone.


If you are prone to damaging your phone there are a few other options available to you that can help you protect your phone.

It goes without saying that the most popular way to protect your phone is with a protective case. Depending on how much you spend, the quality of protection can diminish and quite a few people choose to sacrifice safety over style with their cases anyway. Some of the best protective cases are out of necessity fairly bulky, which makes carrying them around more noticeable than a normal slim-line smartphone on its own. However when taken into consideration how easy it is to drop a phone, a big yet safe case may not seem so excessive after all.

The cost of phone cases can vary quite dramatically and most perform quite a simple function of protecting against minor bumps or scrapes. Open faced cases are probably the most popular but this does leave your phone open to getting scratched or, in the worst case, having your screen shattered.

Flip front phone cases are also an option and though they don’t offer you the immediate access to your phone that some people crave, for the second or two that it takes to flip the front over it does offer you that extra protection for your screen.

Phone screen protectors are also quite a simple and cheap way to offer a bit of protection for your screen if you have an open faced case while some people are beginning to explore other products like Primo Seal for a bit more flexibility in your protection.

Primo Seal is a spray that when applied to your device is not only invisible but forms a protective, scratchproof and waterproof layer. This simple to use product can help people that might want to use their phone without a case or even those that do by offering a protection that even some of the best cases can’t provide. If you have ever dropped your phone in water, you probably know the feeling well of the blank screen of a phone refusing to charge even after drying off. Water proofing your phone is simple and cost effective when you look at how much it would cost to replace the inner workings of your phone.

It does seem that if you are concerned about the protection of your expensive device then a combination of some of the available options could be your best bet. A phone case, no matter how flimsy is something that everyone should consider, the sealing Primo Spray is an excellent option for people that have suffered water damage to their phones and if you are genuinely concerned, insurance might be a worthwhile investment.

This article is the contribution of David Gracie from Edinburgh. You can follow him on Twitter for more.  


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