An Insight into Amazon – [Infograph]

You all know about Amazon, currently second largest online eCommerce site after Alibaba. Shopping on Amazon is amazing. But behind that, there are some other interesting facts  that almost all are unknown about. Facts like the initial name of Amazon, Meaning of Logo and etc. What are those? Have a look at this infograph for an insight to Amazon.

amazon insight

If you didn’t like the Infograph above, Below is a short summary for an Insight to Amazon.

An Insight into Amazon

One of the biggest online portals, Amazon today offers more than million products. Amazon today is a household name. It doesn’t need any introduction. It is among the companies which first started offering products online.

About Founder

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, started this company from a book selling website however due to the positive response it generated very soon he realized the potential of online portals and Amazon was born.


Here are some of the historical and unknown facts about Amazon.

  • Amazon is the second largest eCommerce company after Alibaba.
  • The initial name of Amazon was Cadabra.com however it was intentionally changed to Amazon, one of the major reasons for this was the fact that alphabet A increases the possibility of ranking the website on any list arranged alphabetically.
  • Amazon was established on 5th 1994.
  • One of the uncommon things about the name of Amazon is its logo which signifies the fact that you can purchase anything from A to Z on this platform
  • Amazon is headquartered on Seattle, Washington.
  • The average number of people visiting amazon daily is more than the population of Beijing, China.
  • Around 110,000 employees are currently working at Amazon. Amazon’s employment number includes employees fulfilling orders in its warehouses, which makes its workforce different than many traditional tech companies.
  • Average revenue of Amazon is larger than half the countries of the world.

Some of the popular products from Amazon are:-

  • Appstore
  • The Book Depository
  • Game Studios
  • Instant Video
  • Instant Video UK
  • Instant Video German
  • Kindle
  • Lab126
  • Studios
  • Woot
  • MyHabbit.com
  • Shopbop
  • Askville
  • IMDB
  • Alexa

Making your online store successful, needs planning expert implementation and the most important thing is patience. As the saying goes you can’t be the best if you are only tracking the footprints, you have to offer something unique every time to your buyers for creating an unforgettable image of your brand.

Infograph by:- KOL Limited is an Ecommerce solutions & a digital marketing Company. The Online marketing team at KOL limited specialize in the various marketing, positioning & branding activities.This is one of the valuable info-graphics shared by the company.


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