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5 most common causes of android device retard and their easy fixes

It’s been quite some time since Google rolled out it’s much touted Android mobile OS into the market, and since then it has never turned back. Since it is open source, Android devices are consequently cheaper than their counterparts and with such a huge developer community backing it, there are potentially millions of applications on which you can get your hands on (most of which are actually free… eeyyyyyyy). Despite all of the above mentioned pros, the one thing that concerns every single one of us wanting to purchase an Android ready device is the device lag. Android devices are known for their lethargies and lags. Let’s find out some common causes behind this lag theory and check out their remedies.


1) Apps, Apps and more Apps

Majority of the apps in the Android market are freely available. We keep on installing more and more apps without ever remembering that these are the primary cause of our lovely Android device slowdown. These apps run in the background and keeps on consuming device battery as well as memory, thus preventing other necessary apps to work properly. All those feeds that you are subscribed to, or that lovely live wallpaper or those live widgets; every single one of them contribute to the speed degradation. Therefore it is better to identify each application running on your device and disabling those that are not required. Try Advanced Task Killer app, which allows you to kill unnecessary apps and helps you love Android device even more than before.

2) Memory Problem

I know that you love storing tons of pics, audio and vids on your smart phone. But devices work slowly when the free space available in their memory reaches the lower limit. Try storing unwanted files in your mail, or an external SD card and continuously delete application caches that are left. Delete all unnecessary and unused apps and files. Also, turn off GPS, Wifi and Bluetooth when not in use.

3) Malwares

As more and more people are clinging to this amazing OS, more and more unsafe apps are emerging in the market. Malwares affects our device performance as well as threatens our privacy and security. They bring your device to it’s knees. Try Lookout Security and Antivirus suite which will help you fight those malwares and viruses.

4) Updates

The better you remain updated, the better are your chances of survival! Manufacturers’ continuously rolls out several updates that target bug fixes and patches that help you run your device faster. Always keep your device updated to the recent versions.

5) Sub-optimal Settings

Sometimes it becomes difficult to even swap between a bunch of opened apps on your screen, forget about playing high intensity games. Your device has such a good configuration and still it’s having a hard time dealing with those stuffs. The problem is that your device hasn’t been set to be utilized at its fullest capacity. Try Rooting your device. Rooting basically gives you the power to access most of the otherwise hidden device settings and functionalities and allows you to tweak them so that you can utilize your device to it’s maximum. However, take care of not rooting your device in it’s warranty period as it breaks it.

Author Bio: Samaira Rogers is a tech enthusiast and a blogger. She is passionate about laptops and gadgets and a keen lover of mobile technology. She mainly writes about Android latest news, errors etc. Currently Samaira is writing for her technology blog also.

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