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The Effect of Web Hosting on Blog’s SEO

The search engine optimization (SEO) ranking of any website has a substantial impact on its profitability and success, but the SEO ranking of a website has many complex determinants. While conventional factors such as emphasis on relevant content and linking between sites are important, there are also factors that impact SEO ranking that most bloggers neglect. One such factor is the web hosting of a blog or website and its the positive or negative impact that it can have on the SEO of the website.


Server Location

For certain websites that target specific users from specific geographic locations in the world, one of the most important SEO benefits that can be conveyed from web hosting is location. The server location of the website does have an effect on SEO results, particularly for websites targeting a local demographic or set of users. Therefore, the goal is to have the physical location of the servers of a web host match the target audience of the website in order to drive up SEO ranking for local searches of those terms. Furthermore, there have been instances of sites that have been penalized for sharing IP addresses with other sites that have been found to be spamming links or violating other SEO regulations. Therefore, users should also be wary of the sites that share their IP addresses and try to minimize risk of penalty.

Minimizing Downtime

The most important factor when choosing a web host that will be positive to a website or blog’s SEO ranking is to choose a web host that has a reputation or history of minimal downtime, ideally with up time at above 99.9 percent. There are many reasons for this. First of all, any downtime can drive away web traffic and dissuade potential visitors of the website from visiting again. But even more importantly, a website which has significant downtime due to web hosting will be ranked much lower in terms of SEO. This is because if Google crawls the site during its downtime, which is more likely with sites that have higher downtime, the site risks being removed from the index and facing drastic penalties in terms of SEO results. Furthermore, other webmasters that have linked to the site may see that the site is inaccessible, and remove their links towards the site with downtime. This causes a twofold decrease in SEO ranking which can cause a sharp decline in number of visitors to the site.

Page Load Speed

The page load speed of a website is determined by a combination of server quality and management as well as the contents of the webpage itself. It is important to SEO ranking because websites that load faster are more attractive and convenient to users. Therefore, individuals that want to optimize their SEO ranking should try to optimize their webpages as well as web hosting to create the best experience for visitors. This means testing and optimizing performance by minimizing the data that needs to be processed and streamlining databases in order to have the maximum performance. In addition to creating a better experience for the visitor, it will also translate into higher SEO ranking and more visitors as a result.

SEO optimization is a complex process with many factors that contribute to and influence it. That being said, this gives webmasters and bloggers even more incentive to use all the information and resources at their disposal, such as by optimizing web hosting to increase search ranking. This can be a decisive and competitive advantage for individuals that want to distinguish their blogs and websites from the millions of other websites available and to increase their number of visitors.

Article Contributed By :- Brenda Panin.


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