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Greenify puts battery hungry apps into hibernation

I am feeling relaxed with the battery life of my Samsung Galaxy Young  smartphone. After I installed Greenify App. I can see the change in my battery life which was draining a lot faster than before.

When I tried to find out why this is happening, I came across few reasons and those were:-

  1. High Brightness
  2. Activation of GPS (Though it is important, but it also drains few amount of battery)
  3. Turning on of Mobile Data or WI-Fi for unnecessary reasons or for a long time.

And while talking about apps, there is not a lot you can do about apps that run in the background, other than to uninstall them if your phone is not rooted. I rooted the Samsung phone is not rooted. I discovered the Greenify app afterwards  that adds hibernation to phone.

Note :- Greenify requires root access to the phone, you cannot use it if you have rooted the device.

Greenify App

Before we dive into the apps’ functionality, we should take a look at what hibernating apps means  and why you may want to use this functionality.

Hibernating apps puts the to sleep mode so that they won’t run in the background tasks any more that drains your battery. And another interesting things is that they can be still triggered by other apps running on your phone, and that you can still use them normally if you open them on the device. So, you get the apps full functionality when you decide to run it.

The app is easy to use. It displays a list of apps that may slow down your device when they are running in the background when the are active. To hibernate any app here, tap on it and then on the check-mark at the top. You can tap on multiple apps at once to hibernate them all in one operation.

A Tap on show more apps displays all installed apps on the phone so that you can hibernate those apps as well on the device.


  1. It is probably a good idea to put the apps running in background into hibernation first, then use your normally for few hours and check back to see if any other app is displayed that may slow down your device.
  2. Note that background  functionality of hibernated apps won’t work anymore. This includes notifications, available to you.
  3. The app is most suitable for low –  and mid-range phones as it is more likely that you will notice a difference in performance. High-end phones benefit the most in terms of battery power as it may not drained as fast with the hibernation feature turned on.