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How To Fix “Obtaining IP address” error on Android mobile phone

Few days back I flashed a new ROM in my Motorola Fire XT and everything gone fine except WiFi Connection. When I try to connect to my WiFi router it got struck at Obtaining Wi-Fi address and got disconnected. The process was

  • Obtaining IP Address
  • Disconnecting
  • Scanning

It was a strange thing for me but later I solved this problem successfully. Follow the steps given below carefully to fix that error.

This error is due to the WiFi router couldn’t  assign the IP address for Android mobile or Android Tablet. To solve it, go to settings and select Wireless and Networks. Turn on the WiFi and enter into WI-Fi settings. After that Press the Menu button on your Android select Advanced option.

You will be carried to WiFi advanced Settings for Assigning Static IP Address, Gateway, Netmask and DNS. Pick the Static IP and assign the values given in the Screenshot.

Fix-Obtaining-IP-address-error-in-Android-phone-tablet-200x300 IP address: > It is not compulsory to put 107 you can put values between 0 to 255 instead of 107. Make sure there shouldn’t be any IP address conflict when you put IP address.

Gateway :

Netmask :

DNS 1 :

DNS 2 :

It is recommended to use the Google DNS server given here or else you may use the DNS which is provided by your ISP.

Hope your problem is solved now if not then let me know through comments.


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