Don’t like Chrome’s new tab page? How to change back to old!

Change is good but not always and I also like change upto certain extent. I have already written about few of the Google tricks before.

The Chrome browser has seen its fair share of changes as well, there are some freaky things like the missing search fieldsĀ  or the white context menu that Google implemented for touch devices but enabled for all.

The new tab page in the browser is another case where a change may not be in the best interest of users.

Chrome tab page

Chrome new tab page

It displays four popular tab instead of eight that were listed on the previous version of the page. Apps and bookmarks are still listed on it, but the option to restore tabs or a window is no longer included. It appears that you need to open the History now to restore tabs or pages that you closed in the browser.

There is however an easy way to restore the old tab page in Chrome:

  • Type chrome://flags into the browser’s address bar and hit the enter key on the keyboard.
  • Tap on F3 to open on page find box and paste Enable Instant extended API into the box.
  • The only search result highlights that the feature is enabled by default.
  • To disable it, switch the menu to disabled.
  • Click on the relaunch button that appears once you do so.

When open a new tab page now in Chrome you are greeted by the old tab page again in the web browser.

What are your Thoughts ?? :)

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