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Cyberlockers : All that you need to know

Cyberlockers, are also known as file storage or cloud storage services, enable users to keep files, or back them up on the Internet.

Users can access files from theses virtual storage  lockers, which operate on remote servers, from any computer with an internet connection, often more quickly than on personal computers.

Many of this site offer limited free storage, and users can pay for more capacity through subscriptions.

Box.com (A type of free cloud storage devices)

What are they used for?

Like cloud storage devices, users can use Cyberlockers to store photos, documents, music and video files, which is often too large to save on  personal computers.

Users can grant access to these files at their discretion, while many sites enable users to search for content.

Many cloud storage services are promoted as a Business tool to enable several people to access shared files, which Cyberlockers often refer to services for individual use. Both are interchangeable in their uses.

Why are they controversial?

The entertainment industry has been a vocal opponent of Cyberlockers containing copyrighted music, video files, arguing that it is illegal to distribute such material without their consent.

Site operators say that they cannot be held responsible for any illegally obtained content as it is impossible to them to monitor the massive number of files on their servers. They say they do not knowingly enable users  to store and share any illegal materials.

Sites offer a ‘take down’ features which enables copyright holders


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